The African Daisy Screensaver

The African Daisy Screensaver

Free screensaver containing 11 beautiful images of the African Daisy flower

The African Daisy is a nice screensaver which shows images of the said lovely flower. The African Daisy is a rare flower which belongs to the family of the sunflower and grows only in certain parts of the world. There are different varieties and they come in different sizes and colors, mainly violet, pink, yellow, white, and fuchsia, to name but a few. The images included in the screensaver look great and they are of different sizes. By default, they are shuffled, so you may see some of them multiple times while others only a few. Moreover, a different transition effect is used for each image, but sadly, you cannot customize it.

Unfortunately, this screensaver offers no customization options. In fact, the settings menu only includes a description of the screensaver, credits and terms and conditions, as well as a "Mute sounds" checkbox, which is absolutely useless because the screensaver doesn´t include sounds or music, which is really a shame.

In short, all things considered, The African Daisy Screensaver is an average screensaver that nevertheless has beautiful images of the African Daisy.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely images
  • Free


  • No customization options
  • No sounds or music
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